Service Details
We offer a range of services that help our customers reach thier goals though different business paths be online, offline or hybrid paths:

We enable growing organisations get over their technological hurdles with Cloud/ Web, Mobile, CRM, DevOps, and realted tech

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  • Corp. Traning
  • Corp. Traning
  • We office onsite traning to our clients on technology services, programing, databases, frameworks.
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  • Hosting
  • Hosting
  • We offer Hosting and Email soultion for ourcustomers to allow them to work online.
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Service Features

Particles are simple user interface blocks that hook seamlessly into Gantry 5
We provide Java/J2EE development and support.
We develop and support applicitions on PHP 4.x-7
We evision scalables solutions with Docker and support the same in production
MySQL Devops spupport extends right upto the latest v8
We develop support and deploy solutions that are built in Postgre as a database with PG/SQL procedures and triggers
We support redis caching for increased perforamnce.
We develop applications with Apple iOS/iPadOS and Android by Google
We create iOT prototypes in the pre-production phase.

Server management

We support producton grade server that need to work 24x7.
PHP 7.1+ with Curl, OpenSSL Libraries and Multibyte String Support
Joomla 3.6+, WordPress 4.2+, Grav 1.1+