iOS Apps Distribution Getting Started

[soliloquy id="455"]For a first timer this can be a little confusing to get cracking on the  iOS Apps distribution. Here are the board steps involved in preparing for iTunes based iOS Apps distribution. Its a little long but will do the job. The good thing is the market belives that there are more paying customers on Apple iOS than Android. # iOS Apps distribution steps

  1. Login to developer portal at
  2. Create Distirbution profile and sync profiles with XCode.
  3.  Create an App ID
  4.  Sync XCode with developer portal.
  5.  Apply the distribution profile.
  6.  Login to itunes  ( ) and Setup the App and meta data + screenshots.
  7.  Mark as ready for upload.
  8.  Send to Apple after validation for further validation.
  9.  Keep watching. It can take upto 150 days. Normally approx. one week.
  10.  Success / Resubmit for  iOS Apps distribution if rejected (after correction).

Here are some more detailed instructions on how to accomplish items that you need to do inside XCode

  • Go to “iOS Provisioning Portal” -> “Certificates” (Left sidebar) -> “Distribution” tab
  • Check field “Provisioning Profiles”. If empty, next (4)
  • Go to “Provisioning” (Left sidebar) -> “Distribution” tab. Press “New Profile” and complete it. Go back to (3) check the field again.
  • Back to XCode Organizer – Devices. Click TEAM (Left sidebar) and click “Refresh” (right-bottom). You will find XCode fetch the new profile.
  • Then validate or distribute you app again. It should work that I solve the same problem just minutes ago.

All the best.




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