SEO, stands of search engine optimizations.

SEO needs to be performed to get you more worth form your site. Below are some tips

  1. Create a lot a readable text
  2. The text thus created must not be on a image
  3. Give importance to the title tag and meta tags
  4. Get more links coming on to your sites
  5. Get your pages Indexed.
  6. Check your page rank from time to time.

Readable text /No text on images :

Search engines Run bots. Bots are programs that run at regular intervals to inform search engines of the new content. They only recognize text content (tech: text/html , plain/text ) . Ensure you have good quality and relevance of content. This is the first and most important step. Only after this will you be able to reap any mileage out of your effort.

Title Tag:

The Title tag contains a lot of importance to sarch engines. Make sure they are relevent and hot topic to get more clicks.

Get More Links coming in to your site:

The ONLY correct way to do this is have quality content. If not almighty google will slap your site down like ( keep in mind no spam ) and dont duplicate your own or others content.
Get your page indexed:

Submit your site to yahoo and google and make sure they are indexed. (article will follow)
Once your have done this much see your site gradually gain coverage.

Looking backwards:

Once you have been indexed and a lot of pages of yours turn up make sure your site stays there . Update the content. Keeps the search engines informed of change.