iPhone 6 Released.

Hello All, Apple has just released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. With A7/A8 processor ( reportedly quad core ) and can run(stay awake) 40 % more the iPhone 5s. Its simply better. Will it run iOS 7.x or 8 is yet unknown.


With just dual core it beat the the 1.6 GHz (Z2560) Intel processor.  Now this is the Apple way. All of it just comes together so good!  How ever its unclear how many threads it will be able to run for multitasking.



Camera Get this -240 FPS with 43 Mega Pixel!

Some of the of the goodies include

  1. Better battery Life
  2. Bigger display.
  3. Payment Wallet.


Will this be a fitting answer to Samsung, ASUS and MI phones. We will soon find out.

In the mean while XCODE 6 has been released that includes Swift an Programming language that is at least a few generations ahead to Objective C and yet manages to be very similar. What this also means. If you are looking to download this it can be found here:



Download it here


According to Apple :


Swift is a new object-oriented programming language for iOS and OS X development.

Swift is modern, powerful, expressive, and easy to use.

•Access all of the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks with Swift.

•Swift code is compiled and optimized by the advanced LLVM compiler to create high-performance apps.

•Safe by design: Swift pairs increased type safety with type inference, restricts

direct access to pointers, and automatically manages memory using ARC to make

it easy for you to use Swift and create secure, stable software. Other features

related to language safety include mandatory variable initialization, automatic

bounds checking to prevent overflows, conditionals break by default, and

elimination of pointers to direct memory by default.

•Write, debug, and maintain less code, with an easy to write and read syntax and

no headers to maintain.

• Swift includes optionals, generics, closures, tuples, and other modern language

features. Inspired by and improving upon Objective-C, Swift code feels natural to

read and write. ( Closer to Java! )

•Use Swift interactively to experiment with your ideas and see instant results.

•Swift is a complete replacement for both the C and Objective-C languages. Swift

provides full object-oriented features, and includes low-level language primitives

such as types, flow control, and operators.


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