eCommerce Tips / Basics

In this open world , we have deiced to keep atleast a few things open . We will here on be adding some of our project experiences here on:


As a general observation for those who are new to Ecommerce , I would like to point out that your paymentgateway is different from your mechant account. The Merchant account is where your money goes after a successful credit card payment. The Payment gateway such as simply execute the transaction for you. One more jargon you will hear is SSL . This is allows your browser to communicate securely without disclosing to others vital info such as your credit card number etc.
Heavy Shipping

Recently we created a eCommerece site . One of the intersting shippers for this company was FreightQuote . Freightquote can get you shipping info from many vendors at one go . This is very efficient. If you have not looked at freight quote so far , I strongly suggest you take a look. Almost all partes I have worked with have a strong affinity for as a payment gateway.

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