Increasing number of people are adopting Mobiles to achieve “stickyness” of the users. Be it large corporations or startups. US Election 2012 is the proof. With close to 40 % of US adults using Smartphones as their primary medium no business can ignore having mobile apps of their own.

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iOS Universal Apps

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iOS Apps Portfolio ( you will need iTunes – 14 More coming up )

Please find our Free and Paid apps on  iPhone and  iPads portfolio here and here.

Android Apps Portfolio

Please find our Free and Paid apps on Android mobiles and Android tablets  here and here.

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If you are interested in building apps for your self or your organization do let us know we. We will be glad to help.

We Build mobile apps in three formats

  • Standalone – in this case the application is a standalone app and is self contained
  • Online – Needs internet to work
  • Mixed – Works in both conditions, certain features the require the Internet will not be functional until the user has gone online ( WIFI or 3G,4G)

You download our Android apps here.

We are updating our iOS Apps list. Please be patient. For those who are keen to know, we have developed seventeen apps that are Universal apps ( i.e. they run on everything from an iPod to the new generation iPhone  (5) and iPads).

Some of the third party API we have worked with include DropBox API ( yes Apple will approve them).

Please be patient while we update our portfolio, we have added 16 more apps in the space. :).

Common APIs on both Android and iOS platforms include:

  • Location(The new iOS API requires that you seek user permission before accessing users location.)
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Contacts (The new iOS API requires that you seek user permission before accessing this.)
  • Storage
  • Maps
  • Accelerometer ( most devices have one now)

Common uses for iPhone and Android Apps are as follows:

  • Keep people  coming back. ( more and more people are now using iPhone and Android Apps)
  • Data any where.
  • Promoting products and services.
  • Linking with peoples lives through notifications.
  • Instantly satisfying a need
  • Pulling in larger crowds to use your service.

If you would like any mobile app developed, we can help you and very attractive rates. Please do not hesitate to contact us now.

Please let us know if you like our apps. We thank you for your encouragement and support.



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