PHP, Java/ JSP, Ruby on Rails are the hot technologies that are used to develop effective solutions and websites these days. Java has been around for years now and has quickly established itself as market leader for large enterprises with its opensource based approach that is inclusive of developers. J2EE is the Enterprise counterpart of Java ( actually uses and based on java).

PHP on the other hand has grown form its humble beginnings and has had enterprise class adoption with companies like Yahoo! . The creator of PHP now works of Yahoo! Inc. This language is now available to a large number of Linux and Windows based websites. The library support for PHP is massive. It can talk to wide variety of Data stores including databases and Email stores such as LADP.

Ruby on Rails is a relatively newer entrant into the web development market. The web trends strongly auger for the technology being one that has promise. Rails is a Framework based on the language Ruby. Ruby on Rails applications are structured and very convention oriented. This makes it a bit rigid at times. However if you see the advantages that these conventions deliver any one will be tempted to use it . In Our humble opinion, Rails offers Fast development. That means quick turn around times when it come to rails development. In other words really great Time-To-Market. Though there are bunch of languages out there that can be used for web development we are of the opinion that these technologies are the best bets. If you want to be sure of the best option in your case please contact us.