TestFlight is now a Part of iOS 8 Developers Tool Chest

TestFilght App is seamless testing suite that allows over the air distribution and is now integrated right into iOS8. This is after Busrtly was acquired by Apple in Feb 2014.  As a side effect Android analytics were removed and later the SDK was made out of date. Loss for Android and a gain for Apple.




TestFlight claimed

Fortune 500 companies, investors, top publishers, independents, students… from experts to beginners, they’re all here. Most of the world’s developers rely on the TestFlight platform for beta testing, crash reporting and analytics.




Features with the SDKFeatures with SDK Sessions Discover how testers are using your application. Symbolicated Crash Reports Real time, with environment snapshots & full session activity. Checkpoints Confirm which areas are popular or need more testing. Remote Logging Logs are attached to your session and crash reports. In-App Feedback Prompt testers for feedback within your app.On iOS8 TestFlight is an App. What this app does is that it allows you to deploy your app on test devices over the air. Needless to say with user permission.


  • Invite the user after adding him/her to the provisioning profile.
  • Build and export App
  • Upload app.
  • Send invites.

That is it!

You can check if the user has installed the app and last build version to validate the same. The service is awesome cool! It used to have an SDK that is likely to be available in iOS8.


Have more questions? Read this. You could also read this http://help.testflightapp.com/customer/portal/topics/372561-about-testflight-/articles

We have always been fans of this tool and have used for several of our apps.   Do get in touch with us if you would like more info about developing and deploying Mobile Apps







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