Android One is Ready

Android One

Google has launched Android One in India. Interestingly India is the fist country to get Android One. Real Consulting has always been fan of open soruce and Mobile App development on Android and IOS.What is Android One?

According to Google:

Android One is a new family of Android™ devices, designed in collaboration with several manufacturers. All Android One devices run the latest version of Android, get updates from Google, and come with a hardware package tuned for Android.

AndrodOne Has been released to the open market in India. India will be a template for Android one for the Asian markets at least says Sundar Pichai. This is a really good time to start build Android app if you have not already. Are you looking to develop Android Apps? Are you looking for  Quality Android developers in India? Look No Further


Karbon, Micromax and Spice are the first Vendors to launch the same.  The beauty of android is similar to LTS launches for Ubuntu. That is the device will get updates for 2 whole years to the latest version. Not just that, the devices are tuned to Android with Googles help. Here is where it gets interesting. The price of all three devices are the same.

According to Google:

No matter which one you choose, Android One phones give you a faster, smoother, more responsive experience. And they’re made to stay that way with automatic updates

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