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We excel leveraging Web based technolgies for our customers to make thier ideas a success story. Cloud/Server tech such as NodeJS, PHP and Java are such web technology that we excel in. Social companies like Facebook created high performance sites with PHP.

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Mobile tech is an extension of the web. Our ablity to engage customers to reach the goals have brought us laurels. Be it iOS or Android with Native Apps or Hybrid tech or technologies like Phonegap or Cordova/ Ionic etc., we truely belive we can help you.

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Our expeince with Enterprise solutions with Java and J2EE/.NET have helped of our customers achieve their goals. Mobile tech, PHP, Java and .NET are commercially & backed hence makes perfect sense for business continiuity in enterprsies.

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Customer Engagement with Mobile Apps

Mobiles Application not be it iOS (iPhone or iPad, Apple TV ) or Android TV, Phones or tablets are here and here to stay. This is no more the trend. It has to be done if you do not want to loose out. Mobile applications now have extended into wearable and non wearbale mobile tech.
We can help you rech your mobile appication development goals by working with you on your ideas. We suggest methods that help customers gain better traction on their apps and sales goals by making them easy to user for the average Joe to the specailed personnel based on the needs of the given segment. More »

We would like to hear from you about your ideas that you would like to bring to life. We work with our customers from the idea phase to development through launch. We also engage with customers who are mid way with projects and feel challenged moving forward with their current engagment with technology partners. Contact us»


Digital Marketing

Mobile and web analyitcs

Measuring is the first step to achive goals. We have helped our customer reach certail goals they need by baselining current performance and making imporvements there on. This has helped them rech their said objectives.

On and off page opimization

We have helped several customer optimize their web and mobile pages to reach sepecific digital marketing goals applying a number of techniques. Among them are on-page and off-page optimization

Mobile apps and pages

Mobile apps

Mobile apps provide and strong engament with customers with on-time-notifications and traction to lead your business idea to a success. We bulild both native and hibrid apps to suit your needs. More »

Responsive pages

Web pages need to be able to adapt to any ki nd of device. Be it a tablet, phone or TV and if you are not doing this you will loose ranking says Google.

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Innovation - New Business Creating Tech.

iOT hardware and software, Mobile Apps, Reponsive Web pages, are begining to define how we interact with the world around us. Join the revolution. Contact us.

  • AR
  • VR
  • Security
  • iOT - Internet of things
  • Autonomous driving and parking.
  • Artifical Intellegence
  • Personalization
  • Social media