Real Consulting India offers a variety of pre-made products that can be used off the shelf or can be customized to suit your need. Note: All goods will be sent by email. Some of our ready made products include:

Feed Icons RSS Feed for you static site: RSS is a good way to exchange content on your site with customers and search engines. If you are not then you are missing out on a lot of visits to your site. Increase the visits to your site and get better exposure and improve business. Read More / Buy >>
Real EstateReal Estate Solution : This is a simple yet very effective solution for real estate developers who want to play against the big boy. Don’t limit your self to the small range that you can travel. Let the internet be your listing space. Read more/ Buy >> .

DownloadPay per download soultions : Are you writer, a creative artist, musician or web template designer or simply have material that is worth paying for ? Are you looking for a solution that allows people to download stuff for a price ?Then here is a Solution that allows you to ask people who download to pay for downloading items on your site. Our prefered mode of transaction is for this module Paypal ™ . We could also integrate custom payment gateways at a low fee. Click on the icons to buy now:

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Email system : Build / Own you Email system like that of yahoo. Its an easy solution and an absolute need for every community site.

Search Engine : We have search-engine and spider that can crawl through pages and index them. This makes for a very effective search engine.

Chat Software : Our chat software allow you one on one chats . This is very useful for portal owners. The module is available in Web based and application mode.

SMS Solutions: Are you missing out on being able to reach out to customers such your banking customers or telephony customers. Are you looking for a solution for you Television program that so desperately needs to be able to reach out to its viewers via SMS. Are you a brokerage that is trying so hard to keep it customers updated on the trends ? We can Offer you a GSM based solutions at an affordable price. Typical solution development time is 2 weeks to one month.

IVR Solutions : Do you want a mini call center or its likes ? Call us now for a quote. If you would like to purchase any the above software , please contact us. We also offer FREE Search Engine Optimization Tools : 1) Page Rank Tool: Find your Google Page Rank today ! 2) Generate a site map for your Web site and tell google about your pages. We offer other SEO services too. Please contact us for more info.