People Choose OpenSource Software for many reasons: Some are outlined below

Freedom from licensing changes

When you pay for proprietary software, you do not actually own it. Rather, you purchase a license for its use. The problem, of course, is that licensing terms can change.

Freedom from technology lock-in

Sometimes, a program’s initial version is given away for free (or very cheap) to build-up users’ dependency, which then can be exploited through expensive upgrades. Other times, a package that was initially released by a university is then bought-up by a for-profit company, and the licensing terms change. There is virtually no way to predict how licensing conditions will develop over the long term when it comes to proprietary software.

With free and open source software, this uncertainty does not exist. There are no licensing fees, and the conditions grant you the unlimited rights to use, distribute and modify programs.

Commercial software is expensive because of the need to pay licensing fees. It is also generally built for the latest hardware, which forces you to upgrade your processor speed and memory just to keep using new versions.

If you need help, it is usually available only for a fee. After all, service contracts are big business for software companies and as long as they keep the source code hidden, the company that writes (and sells) the software is the only one who really can understand and fix it.


Open source software is cost-effective. It will often run well on older equipment – not just the latest and most expensive. Thus, existing hardware can be used longer, new hardware can be procured more affordably, and there is less pressure to upgrade.

Freedom of Information

As well, the basis of each open source software package is an online community of developers and users who freely share information about their programs. This makes it substantially easier to find someone else who has already encountered a similar problem and will happily provide help regarding its solution. Should you need extensive and more direct support, a range of companies specialize in helping organizations use open source software.