[soliloquy id="455"]For a first timer this can be a little confusing to get cracking on the  iOS Apps distribution. Here are the board steps involved in preparing for iTunes based iOS Apps distribution. Its a little long but will do the job. The good thing is the market belives that there are more paying customers on Apple iOS than Android. # iOS Apps distribution steps

  1. Login to developer portal at http://developer.apple.com
  2. Create Distirbution profile and sync profiles with XCode.
  3.  Create an App ID
  4.  Sync XCode with developer portal.
  5.  Apply the distribution profile.
  6.  Login to itunes  ( http://itunesconnect.apple.com/ ) and Setup the App and meta data + screenshots.
  7.  Mark as ready for upload.
  8.  Send to Apple after validation for further validation.
  9.  Keep watching. It can take upto 150 days. Normally approx. one week.
  10.  Success / Resubmit for  iOS Apps distribution if rejected (after correction).

Here are some more detailed instructions on how to accomplish items that you need to do inside XCode


  • Go to “iOS Provisioning Portal” -> “Certificates” (Left sidebar) -> “Distribution” tab
  • Check field “Provisioning Profiles”. If empty, next (4)
  • Go to “Provisioning” (Left sidebar) -> “Distribution” tab. Press “New Profile” and complete it. Go back to (3) check the field again.
  • Back to XCode Organizer – Devices. Click TEAM (Left sidebar) and click “Refresh” (right-bottom). You will find XCode fetch the new profile.
  • Then validate or distribute you app again. It should work that I solve the same problem just minutes ago.

All the best.




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