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Choosing iOS or Android for Development Mobile Application Development Using Android, iOS, iPad , iPhone With support for.

  • GPS Location,
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Notifications and Vibration,
  • Camera,
  • Accelerometer,
  • Compass,
  • Microphone,
  • Socail API
  • and custom web integration

Why Bother about mobile? US Election 2012. Out of 311 million people, about half of US adults own a smartphone. On top of that, for a whopping 28% of Americans, a mobile device is their primary way of accessing the Web.Not having a mobile app makes your site loose out. And the right fusion brings success. It that is now enough the different countries in the developed and developing world have huge Smartphone penetration.

People are moving away from the PC and increasingly to the mobile for internet access. For starters, the only reason the above have been put in is that, the sheer number of users that can already have them is huge. So for this section, we will restrict ourselves to these platforms.

For those who are entering into mobile space and for those who have been in this space for a long time, its important that you make decisions that suite the upcoming market and the future trends. Primarily what this means is you need to grab the audience that suit your web site / app. For those who already have a web site it is a lot more easier. These users (hopefully ) are hosting with cPanel or Plesk and most other control panels have the feature to view browser statistics. If you have a 20 -30 % or greater usage from Mozilla FireFox, It might be a good decision to choose Android as the platform. If you have Safari as the major source of the browsers then you might want to consider Apple iOS. The logic is simple, most people want to stick the same platform they are accustomed to.

The trick is the users that visit you site using internet explorer. This a best guess, our deductions are as follows, people with internet explroer 7 or earlier do not care too much about an upgrade these are not technical people so your best bet here is iOS. If how ever you web site has a lot if IE8 or later then you might want to consider Android as these people actually cared to upgrade.

The truth is that we need a little more than the above to make a that decision a clear one.

If you are deciding to build a mobile app and are not sure what platform to build on then you can contact us using the contact page.